What’s the concept and how to experience it ?

The Affinity Map of SPT 2021 is a numeric map using techniques of machine learning to orientate in virtual conferences. From the start, 2021SPT participants are invited to explore the map through world clouds, which can be zoomed revealing more detailed information where speakers are spatially arranged according to their lexical similarity. Participants can also search for speakers using the search box, which automatically zoom on the selected one. In a moment in which conferences went online, this visual method aims to help 2021SPT conference attendees at looking scientific communities from a different perspective.

For a boosted experience

The map has been developed using videogame technology to make its animation fluent; if your laptop fan works intensely is because of this. The loading time of the map depends on the web environment, the data processing power and the Internet network. Also note that the map has been tested on Google Chrome, which is the preferred environment for a good user experience. Once the program is loaded, you will be able to navigate smoothly on the Affinity Map, which you can activate by clicking on the image below.

Click on the image to open the full screen map© Dario Rodighiero – 2021